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Personalized and ongoing support

Holmes Place Nutritionists develop a plan based on your physical condition, weight goals and overall personal preferences. They make it easy to follow and enjoy a healthy nutrition plan guaranteed to get results.

Personal plan

After taking your measurements and analyzing your metabolic age, our nutritionists will design a complete and balanced meal plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.
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Ongoing support

Whether your goal is to improve your physical performance, lose weight or meet another long-term commitment to yourself, our experts will provide support and guidance throughout your journey.
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Enjoy the journey

In our Blog you’ll find healthy recipes, cooking tips and smart nutrition advice to make sure that eating well is always a pleasure.
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This is a genetic analysis of all those known genes related to nutrition and exercise. DNA test is based on the science of nutrition and aims to prevent nutrition-dependent diseases, as well as, to develop an accurate, thorough and personalized plan regarding nutrition, exercise, optimal weight, anti-aging and well-being. Price: 495€ (it includes the test and 1 Coaching session for further guidance based on your results).

Eat well, live better

Eating properly is fundamental to a healthy life and we know it well. Start with a 3-Day Free Trial at your nearest Holmes Place Club and book an appointment for your first 'Eat Well' coaching session with a Nutritionist from our experienced Nutrition Coaching team.