Taking Fitness Outside

Stay safe, Try new fitness challenges!

We have adapted to the new conditions of everyday life, we "listened" to your needs and now we are expanding our fitness services, giving you even more options for safe and effective training outdoors. Holmes Place's new outdoor training space is located at K1 Court of the Tennis Center, in a specially designed large area of ​​2,000 sq.m.with an Open Gym, and offers a wide range of workouts:



Strengthen your cardiovascular system, gain strength and well-being and improve your endurance with circuit training.


We take Indoor cycling outside! Follow the instructions of our Trainer and break your limits!


An open gym is at your disposal to workout as you wish!


This type of training is based on track and field sports. It benefits all muscle groups, combining running, jumping and a range of running exercises.


Use a strap with handles and place your body weight in different positions, fluctuating the resistance levels. This workout includes excellent muscle strength training for the whole body.


X-FIT is a dynamic workout that combines various functional movements, such as running, weight training and outdoor exercise. Exercising virtually the entire body, this program aims to improve fitness, muscle endurance, speed, agility, as well as, coordination and balance.


Find the path to inner peace, tranquility and well-being. Take a break from your busy schedule and find some quality time for yourself. The western way of life often leads to a lack of personal balance and self-knowledge. But through the practice of Yoga, we can gain a sense of harmony and inner balance. Even a simple series of ASANAS (Yogi exercises) are enough to activate and strengthen your body and soul.

Ready, Set, Go Out!

The things you should have with you

Wear sports clothes suitable for training outdoors, and before you start, make sure you have the following with you:

  • Your HP membership card
  • Your ID or passport, as it is necessary to show them at the OAKA Reception
  • Your towel
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Water or a sports drink

In addition, you must fill in the special form for COVID-19: Athlete registration form for the safe return to a sports activity available for printing HERE or directly at OAKA Reception.

Where to find us:

Oaka Tennis

Amarysias Artemidos 38, Maroussi 151 24

For more information, please call at 2106196791