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Every goal needs a plan

Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. Finding an expert to guide you towards your goals is the easiest and most comfortable way to Enjoy the Journey. This way, you’ll make the absolute most of your time and efforts.

Personalized workouts

Our Personal Trainer will create a specific workout plan just for you depending on what your goals are. This personalized plan, based on your physical condition and medical background, will give you better results.

Personal Guidance

With the guidance of our professional Trainers, you'll have the direction to perform each exercise of your routine the right way. By doing this, you'll not only have better results but also reduce the risk of injury.

Stay motivated

It's not easy to keep your motivation high. Keeping regular sessions with our Personal Trainers will motivate you to continue your workout training and to show the results and improvements to your Trainer.

Progress and support

Improve your fitness performance with Holmes Place's Personal Training service in one of our Clubs. Spend less time and get more results. Start with a 3-Day Free Trial at your preferred location and book a Personal Training Trial Session (30') with one of our experienced Trainers.