A healthy lifestyle allows us to live longer, happier, and more balanced, enjoying life to the fullest! We know the importance of your employees’ well-being, that's why we created premium Fitness & Wellness services dedicated to your Team’s physical, mental, and emotional health, which you can include in your company’s employee benefits and rewards program through (partial or full) subsidy.

Weekly Fitness Sessions

Holmes Place offers a variety of top fitness classes that can be arranged either on your company’s premises or at a Holmes Place Club. Available sessions include, but are not limited to, Yoga, Pilates, Cross Training, HIIT, Outdoor Running and more.

Meditation & Breathwork

Learn techniques for integrating meditation practices daily with one of Holmes Place's expert meditation teachers. Meditation sessions include guided meditation, careful breathing exercises, and ground stretches that can be done in your office space.

Office Massage

Office massages are a popular way to reward your teams. Enhance your team's health, happiness, and productivity with our innovative office massage service. Our leading, certified therapists with extensive experience in corporate spaces and environments, bring mobile chairs directly to your office.

Virtual Club

Holmes Place Virtual Club is available at all hours, 365 days a year and allows its members to work out wherever and whenever they wish, at home, in the office or outdoors, according to their lifestyle, while offering a wide selection of innovative online programs & services: Live Streaming Classes, Workout Videos On-Demand, Personal Training Sessions (individually or in groups), Nutrition Coaching Sessions and attractive packages of flexible online memberships at very affordable prices.

Eat-Well Workshops

Experiential sessions that will enhance your people's need for healthier food choices. Choose the ones that interest them the most: Breakfast for Busy People, Healthy Snacks, Lunch on the Go, How to Eat for Better Sleep and more.

Corporate Memberships

Our corporate memberships offer important corporate privileges from which your employees can benefit, based on a special corporate agreement. Ask for more detailed information, find out what they include and take advantage from our current, favorable prices.

Try our Corporate Wellness Services

Find out in more detail about the corporate services that Holmes Place can offer in cooperation with your company and contact us to try one of them, completely free of charge.

Choose the service that best meets the needs of your company's employees.